Pester Power Project


Pester Power” is a 30 minute multimedia performance piece. It’s a live show performed by kids to empower adults to help them make a change in the world. Hear the “Oh Phooey Oh Fudge” song. Watch the Historical Timeline of Obsolete Emotions. And find out where that Midwestern State of Denial can be found!

“Pester Power” is performed by 5 young people from Urbana, ages 10 through 14, who are also a part of the youth-led initiative to address environmental and racial climate. The piece is written and directed by Susan Parenti, teacher/composer at the School for Designing a Society. It’s based on texts and ideas created by participants in Fall 2013 SDaS collaboration: Performance Facing Hybrid Social Problems.

The collaboration “Performance Facing Hybrid Social Problems” was a project to create a touring program on the intersection of 3 catastrophic sentences:

“There is no climate change”;

“Experimental Composition is not relevant”;

“Racism? C’mon–no longer a problem”.

Urbana Pester Power House Parties

We invite you to join us in something brand new and fun— Urbana Pester Power House Parties!

What’s this?

It’s youth-led community organizing to enable you and your neighbors to change environmental climate and racial climate—-one ‘pester’ at a time!

Pester Power House Parties start with a live performance of “Pester Power”* in your home for you and your neighbors, and end two months later with a festive get-together at the IMC, Saturday, December 13th. In between your neighborhood group will meet a few times to address your action plan around environmental and racial climate with a member of the Urbana Sustainability Advisery Board.

We invite you to participate in Urbana Pester Power House Parties!!!

House Parties Procedure

How do I sign up? What do I do?

1. Contact Us to schedule a live performance of Pester Power at a time convenient for you and your neighbors.

2. Invite your neighbors to your house, to see the live performance. (It’s 25 minutes long, fun, performed by kids).

3. After the performance, participate in a discussion about ways you and neighbors can change environmental and racial climate in your own home and in your community over the next 1 to 2 months (a member of Urbana’s Sustainability Advisory Commission would be happy to help). Make a commitment to take certain steps in an action plan.

4. Meet three more times with your neighbors to check in on your action plan.

5. Celebrate your success with your team and with other teams.

Does this cost anything?

No. The performers (all kids) are excited to empower you adults to help them to change the world! The Urbana Sustainability Advisory Commission is delighted to work with you.