Unrequited Tour

a play for two actors

by Susan Parenti
performed by Brook Celeste and Elizabeth Adams


Unrequited is an acoustic play: a play where the soundingess of the sentence constructs (gesture, pitch, inflection, timbre, rhythm, loudness and softness) act as antagonist and protagonist. Unrequited is a probe to find out what happens if the usual framing around socialism and capitalism is turned on its head---that rather than portray them as adversarial enemies, the play portrays them as embedded lovers.


Program note: 

"There are two silences. One where no word is spoken. The other where perhaps a torrent of language is being employed. The speech is speaking of a language locked beneath it. This is the continual reference. The speech we hear is an indication of what we don't hear. It is a necessary avoidance, a violent, a sly, anguished or mocking smoke screen which keeps the other in its place."

--Antonio Gramsci